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About Us
About Us
About Us
Company Profile

PolarisIC Microelectronics Co., Ltd.(Shenzhen) is an innovative IC design company focusing on depth sensing and low light imaging, headquartered in Shenzhen with a R&D center in Wuhan.

With the full-stack SPAD technology and high-speed digital integration capability, PolarisIC has built two product directions: dToF depth sensing and PCI low-light imaging, enabling consumer electronics, automotive electronics, security and surveillance, smart industry, smart home, etc. PolarisIC is the first company in China to achieve commercial mass production of SPAD-based image sensors.

We have built dozens of technology in the direction of SPAD devices, core algorithms, advanced processes and system integration, and have made every effort to build a full stack of technology capabilities from the underlying technology, general technology to application technology.

Adhering to the mission of "making vision and sensing more agile and efficient", we are dedicated to making efficient and high-performance chips serve all industries with continuous technological innovation to break through product performance boundaries and realize win-win situation with customers.

Enterprise Vision
Becoming an influential supplier of depth perception and low-light vision ICs and solutions in the world
Enterprise Mission
Make visual and sensing more agile and efficient
Core Values

Customer Oriented, Integrity and Dedication

Continuous Innovation, Efficient Development

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