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On September 8, the 24th China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE 2023) concluded successfully at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Venue).

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At the event, PolarisIC displayed a number of latest products and shared our latest R&D technology achievements with the exhibitors, as well as showed a number of application examples related to our products, demonstrating PolarisIC's understanding and discussion of technology and life.

During the exhibition, PolarisIC's booth attracted many professional exhibitors, customers and industry experts. The exhibitors came to consult the company's products, technology, market cooperation and other aspects of the problem, showing a strong interest in the company's products.


  • DTM4080M dToF Module

DTM4080M is a 64-zone dToF module product. DTM4080M supports multiple zoning modes such as 8×8, 8×2, 4×4, 4×2, 2×2, and so on, thus it has the ability of multi-target object detection and multi-scene adaptability. With a wide 65° field of view, the product can realize simultaneous measurement of multiple target distances within the FOV range. With the support of high-performance SPAD sensor and dedicated DSP, it realizes high-precision distance measurement within a range of 4 meters and a maximum frame rate of 120Hz, and at the same time, it has excellent resistance to ambient light.

64 Zones for dToF Sensor

  • DTS6012M dToF Module

The DTS6012M is the industry's first compact dToF module packaged in the COB method. We have highly integrated the dToF SoC with the laser driver, VCSEL and transceiver optics, and shortened the driver and key signaling paths through the COB method so that the performance of each component can be better utilized. This single-channel dToF SOC can achieve high-precision distance measurement within 18 meters, with a frame rate of up to 2000Hz, full-range accuracy of up to ±2%, and sunlight resistance of 12m@160klux. It can be widely used in  Obstacle Avoidance and Assisted landing, floor sweeper SLAM radar, robot collision avoidance and other fields.

Live Demo for DTS6012M


  • DTS5018 dToF IC

The DTS5018 is a single-channel dToF ranging SoC integrating a highly sensitive IR-enhanced SPAD sensor with a maximum range of up to 40 meters and excellent reflectance correction. It is easy to integrate and use in a compact and reliable optical LGA package, and is suitable for a variety of scenarios such as sweeper obstacle avoidance,  Obstacle Avoidance and Assisted landing, user detection, proximity detection, and capacity detection.



  • DTS6007M dToF Module

DTS6007M is a single-channel dToF SiP miniature module capable of high-precision distance measurement within a range of 4.5 meters, with a frame rate of up to 120Hz, excellent resistance to ambient light, and the ability to calibrate for contaminants and reflectivity. The module can be widely used in the fields of laser assisted focusing for cell phones, floor sweepers, AGV obstacle avoidance,  Obstacle Avoidance and Assisted landing, and assisted focusing for projectors.


  • PCL7150 PCI IC

PCL7150 is a photon counting image sensor chip, which adopts the photon counting principle and has excellent characteristics such as high sensitivity and high dynamic range. It is suitable for micro size measurement, detection of the presence or absence of micro objects, deformation of objects, vibration warpage, flatness measurement and other fields.



PolarisIC also demonstrated several dynamic application solutions, including dToF along-wall sensing solution, dToF lighting control solution, and dToF height measurement solution, etc. These solutions fully demonstrate the potential of PolarisIC's self-developed dToF sensor modules for a wide range of applications in various fields.

  • dToF Along-Wall Sensing Solution

Based on PolarisIC's self-developed DTS6007M micro-module, it provides consistent performance under different materials, allowing the sweeper to cope with a variety of wall surfaces.

dToF Along-Wall Sensing Solution

  • dToF Lighting Control Program

Based on PolarisIC's self-developed DTS6007M micro-module, you can easily control the switch and brightness of the light using hand gestures.

dToF Lighting Control Program

  • dToF Height Measurement Program

dToF is characterized by fast measurement speed, high accuracy, and non-inductive measurement (infrared), and height measurement is a typical example of its application.

dToF Height Measurement Program


In addition to this, we also demonstrated dToF gesture detection, high-precision displacement sensors and other applications.

High-precision Displacement Sensors

As an important exhibition for the global optoelectronic industry, Shenzhen Optoelectronic Expo brings together the most cutting-edge optoelectronic innovative products and technologies. PolarisIC Microelectronics, as a leading company in the field of depth sensing and micro-optical imaging, will continue to dedicate itself to technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and to provide highly efficient and high-performance chip products for different industries.