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“PolarisIC's '2024 Group Evolution, Breakthrough Growth' Annual Gala Successfully Held

As the Jade Rabbit gallops away from the old year and the Dragon soars across the seas heralding a new chapter, the calendar flips to a fresh page, soon to be accompanied by the melodious chimes of the Year of the Dragon.

In gratitude for the diligent efforts of all employees over the past year, PolarisIC held the '2024 Group Evolution, Breakthrough Growth' annual gala on January 26th. Amidst the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, all members of PolarisIC gathered together to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

During this joyful occasion, we not only shared laughter and blessings but also delved deeper into the company's future development direction, collectively planning the path to breakthroughs. We hope to embark on this new journey hand in hand, creating a better future together.


Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The annual meeting began with a summary by PolarisIC's Vice President, Ray Zhang, who reviewed the achievements and challenges of PolarisIC in technology research and development and market expansion in 2023. He stated, "In the past year, PolarisIC has continuously increased its investment in technology research and development, enhanced its technical strength, and launched a series of competitive new products. At the same time, PolarisIC has also made significant progress in market expansion, continuously exploring new customers and markets, and achieving steady sales growth." However, he also pointed out that there are still some problems and challenges in technology research and development and market expansion that need to be addressed and overcome.

President's Message, Charting a New Course

At the annual gala, PolarisIC President Lin Wang delivered a speech, summarizing the experiences of 2023, focusing on the core goals of 2024, deepening the layout of the business system, and outlining key plans for the new year's work.

He said, "In 2023, PolarisIC achieved significant results, not only consolidating its position in the industry but also realizing nearly a doubling of the team size. Several products went from zero to one, achieving breakthroughs. The rapid expansion of business and sales has made our organizational structure and process management more perfect."

Looking ahead to 2024, he called on all employees to work together to create brilliance: "2024 is of strategic significance for the company. All the efforts of PolarisIC personnel will truly yield results this year. I hope that all PolarisIC personnel can work together to overcome difficulties and strive to win this 'battle of reputation'!"

During the annual meeting, a significant event was the signing ceremony of a memorandum of responsibility.

By signing the memorandum of responsibility, not only is the importance of responsibility emphasized, but also, while clarifying the reward and punishment mechanism, everyone's motivation and enthusiasm are aroused. In the agreement, the company has specified punitive measures, reward mechanisms, and excess rewards to ensure that each employee understands their responsibilities and rights.

Honoring Excellence, Inspiring Progress

Over the past year, the people of PolarisIC have worked together, sharing burdens, facing challenges, and moving forward bravely, embodying the company's values through outstanding performance and unremitting efforts, contributing to the company's development. Among them, a group of outstanding employee representatives emerged, daring and proactive, injecting new energy into the company's sustainable business development.

At the awards ceremony, the company honored these outstanding employees, presenting them with certificates of honor and generous prizes. This is not only a recognition of their hard work over the past year but also an expectation and encouragement for their future.

Outstanding employees are not only a recognition of individual work achievements but also mark a new starting point, encouraging everyone to invest more passion and vitality into their work and create greater value in their positions.


Exciting Performances, Creating the Future Together

In the warm and lively atmosphere of the banquet, we enjoyed wonderful performances by the employees. The classical guitar solo provided a relaxing interlude, allowing them to find moments of tranquility and relaxation amidst their busy work.

The song 'Ambition in My Heart' with its stirring melody and inspiring lyrics, ignites our determination to pursue dreams and achieve goals. As the lyrics go, "Brush off the dust, invigorate the weary spirit, the road ahead may be full of obstacles, but we must stride forward with big steps." This is not only a motivation for personal growth but also resonates with our corporate vision. Our corporate vision is to become a globally influential supplier of deep perception and microvision chip solutions. This is not just a goal but also our shared belief and pursuit. On the road to realizing this vision, we will encounter various challenges and difficulties, but as the song says, "Even if faced with cold eyes and ridicule, they cannot deter my dreams." We will remain steadfast in our faith and fearlessly move forward.

Looking back on the past year, we have experienced breakthrough growth together, continuously exploring new fields and opportunities. In the harsh winter, we have opened up a new path and moved towards one milestone after another. The song 'Slightly' inspires us to continue to forge ahead and explore in the new year, using the tiny efforts of each PolarisIC employee to converge into a great force, actively facing the challenges and opportunities of the market.

In addition, the lucky draw interspersed between the programs added a lot of joy and surprises to the evening. This was not only a joyous gathering but also a gathering to inspire us all to embrace a better future in 2024.

The road ahead is long and arduous, but with each step, we start anew. At the starting point of this new journey, we must embrace the future challenges with a more vigorous spirit and a proactive attitude.