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Amidst the warbling birds and towering trees, new brilliance emerges. On January 12, 2024, PolarisIC celebrated the grand relocation ceremony of its Shenzhen headquarters. Shareholders, partners, company executives, and dedicated employees gathered to congratulate the auspicious move. The new office is now officially established at the 11th floor of Building 3, Chongwen Garden, Nanshan Intelligent Park, 3370 Liuxian Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. This relocation marks a new beginning for PolarisIC, paving the way for vibrant growth and opening a new chapter in its future development.

Spectacular Unveiling, Embarking on a New Journey.

The atmosphere at the relocation event was warm and lively. A special signature wall was set up at the entrance, where guests enthusiastically left their marks to commemorate the occasion. Amidst joyful conversations, guests and company management took a group photo, capturing this beautiful moment for eternity.

In the morning, the inauguration ceremony of PolarisIC's relocation officially kicked off.

 The host warmly opened the ceremony, expressing gratitude for the presence of guests to witness this glorious moment. Amidst the anticipation and attention of the crowd, Zhang Ruiqi, Founding Partner of JUNKEDANMU Investment, and Wang Lin, President of PolarisIC, jointly unveiled the plaque for the new office.

As the countdown to the unveiling reached its crescendo, the red curtain was slowly lifted, revealing the PolarisIC logo in an instant. The atmosphere surged to a climax with continuous applause! With the unveiling of the new address, PolarisIC will embrace the future opportunities and challenges in a brand-new posture, creating an even more brilliant future. 

Unchanging Initial Aspiration, Pragmatic and Enterprising

During the ceremony, President Wang Lin of PolarisIC delivered a speech. On behalf of the company, he expressed sincere gratitude to the shareholders who have trusted and supported the company along the way, as well as to the hardworking employees in various positions. Over the past two years, the company has seized strategic opportunities and achieved rapid development in areas such as product R&D, supply chain, financing, and team management. He firmly believes that the PolarisIC team possesses the practical genes of an excellent entrepreneurial team and has the foundational elements to build a great company. In the future, the company will continue to uphold the mission of 'Making visual sensing more agile and efficient,' pragmatically forge ahead, innovate effectively, and strive to become an influential provider of depth sensing and low-light vision chips and solutions.

As a representative guest, Ai Min, the Chairman of Dami Venture, delivered a speech at the relocation ceremony. He sincerely congratulated PolarisIC on the auspicious occasion of relocating its Shenzhen headquarters and expressed best wishes and high expectations for the company's future. He emphasized, 'PolarisIC is a vibrant and promising company, and I believe this relocation will contribute to the creation of a more brilliant blueprint for the company.' He stated that he looks forward to continuing the collaboration with PolarisIC in the future, working together to create a mutually successful model.

With the conclusion of the speech, amidst a joyous atmosphere, the distinguished guests and the company's management gathered for a group photo and jointly cut the celebratory cake. They shared the sweet joy with everyone present. Thus, the relocation ceremony concluded successfully and joyously.

Brand new environment,Polarisic sail away

This relocation is not only an upgrade of the office environment but also a significant leap for PolarisIC on the path to standardization and professionalism.

The new address of the company, located in the Chongwen Garden of Nanshan Intelligent Park, is a crucial hub for the next generation of information technology industries in Nanshan District. It witnesses the company's new chapter!

The new office space features two open work areas with a design focus on humanization. It is equipped with advanced ergonomic chairs to ensure efficient work in a comfortable environment. The unique high table and chair combinations by the windows provide employees with a broad view and create a tranquil corner for relaxation.

In terms of spatial layout, the new office space is equipped with multiple meeting rooms of varying sizes to accommodate different scales of meetings and discussions. In addition, the new office space has added public tea areas, several leisure zones, and resting areas, furnished with comfortable chairs and sofas for employees to take a break during busy work hours. These areas are also equipped with facilities such as coffee machines and tea sets to meet the diverse needs of the employees.

Continuing the past, never forgetting the original aspiration. Today, we have witnessed the development and growth of PolarisIC together. This relocation signifies that PolarisIC has opened a brand-new chapter. In this new environment, all employees will embark on a new journey with a fresh outlook.