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PolarisIC is recognised as a“ National High-Tech Enterprise ”!

PolarisIC's Wuhan R&D Center (hereinafter referred to as "PolarisIC")  successfully passed the 2023 National High-Tech Enterprise Recognition and was awarded the title of "National High-Tech Enterprise" by the National High-Tech Enterprise Recognition Agency.

"High-tech enterprise" refers to the high-tech field supported by the state, continuous research and development and transformation of technical achievements, the formation of enterprise core intellectual property rights, and based on this to carry out business activities, the major high-tech achievements into productivity of the technical level of the leading domestic or international advanced enterprises.

As one of the highest honours for Chinese science and technology enterprises, the title of "high-tech enterprise" is an authoritative affirmation of an enterprise's scientific research strength. The evaluation criteria are strict, involving the enterprise's R&D investment, innovation ability, technological achievements transformation and other aspects.

After passing the strict evaluation, PolarisIC successfully obtained the recognition, which not only affirms PolarisIC's achievements in scientific and technological innovation and high-quality development, but also means that the company will enjoy higher policy support and tax incentives, which injects a strong impetus for the company's future development.

PolarisIC is an innovative enterprise focusing on depth sensing and micro-optical imaging chip design. Based on the completely self-developed SPAD technology, we have constructed two product directions: dToF depth perception and PCI micro-optical imaging. covering a rich product matrix, and has become the only chip design enterprise in China with both dToF depth sensors and SPAD micro-optical image sensor products.

At present, PolarisIC has launched a number of competitive mass-production products, which have been successfully introduced into the products of many industry leaders and achieved batch delivery, winning wide recognition and praise from customers.

In the past three years since its establishment, PolarisIC has always insisted on innovation as the driving force and market demand as the guidance, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance products and services.

The successful accreditation of this high-tech enterprise marks that the comprehensive strength of PolarisIC has reached a new level. PolarisIC will give full play to the leading role of high-tech enterprises, and constantly improve the independent innovation ability, improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, strengthen the R & D capability, promote technology research and development and the transformation of achievements, to maintain the leading position of the technology, and to make greater contributions to the development of the industry and the progress of science and technology.