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Solving Industry Pain Points, PolarisIC dToF Sensor Enables Industrial Sector

Optoelectronic sensors, also known as "photoelectric switches," serve as efficient and reliable detection devices with extensive and abundant applications in the industrial sector. Depending on different detection principles and methods, photoelectric switches can be classified into methods such as light quantity and triangulation. In recent years, dToF direct-Time-of-Flightoptoelectronic sensors have garnered significant attention as a novel measurement solution due to their capabilities for measurement, high precision, strong anti-interference, fast response, insensitivity to materials, and they demonstrate enormous development potential.


PolarisIC provides an optoelectronic sensor solution based on the DTS6007M dToF sensor, which features high precision, high frame rate, anti-interference, small size, low cost, and many other advantages. This solution addresses industry pain points such as high reflectivity interference and sunlight interference. As of now, the product has been extensively delivered to leading industrial sensor manufacturers and has received unanimous praise from users.

Advantages of dToF photoelectric switch programme

The light quantity method is a commonly used optical switch measurement scheme in the current market. However, this scheme faces many issues such as functional limitations and poor anti-interference capabilities. In comparison, the dToF optical switch scheme has advantages in accuracy, anti-interference, resistance to strong light, design, and integration. It is more suitable for industrial automation and other scenarios.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of dToF photoelectric sensor and light quantity method scheme:

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, the demand for high-precision, high-stability, highly adaptable photoelectric sensors is growing. As a new and promising photoelectric sensor solution, dToF photoelectric switch will be more and more popular in the market.

PolarisIC DTS6007M Photoelectric Sensor Features

The PolarisIC DTS6007M photoelectric switch solution is a high-performance photoelectric detection solution that integrates an PolarisIC high-performance dToF SoC and a VCSEL transmitter, which together with the optical lens can achieve stable distance measurement. PolarisIC's own co-processor and efficient dToF algorithms make the DTS6007M demonstrate excellent performance in many photoelectric switch applications.

AGV applies photoelectric switch to achieve accurate obstacle avoidance

Logistics conveyor belts Precise detection of parcels with photoelectric switches

The application of photoelectric switches in metro gates to achieve the entry and exit sensing of people

The main advantages of DTS6007M photoelectric sensor solution are as follows:
1. Long range

DTS6007M photoelectric switch programme range of 4m, some configurations up to 10m, not only significantly more than the range of reflective photoelectric sensors, and reached some of the counter-reflective products range, to meet the needs of a variety of application scenarios.

2.Anti-High Anti-Interference

PolarisIC DTS6007M photoelectric switch programme adopts a unique anti-high-reflective algorithm design, which can effectively deal with out-of-range high-reflective interference, solving the pain point problem that has been plaguing the users, and improving the stability and reliability of the measurement.

3. High frame rate

DTS6007M provides a wide range of configurable frame rate, the maximum frame rate up to 1kfps, 10 times higher than the same type of products on the market, higher frame rate can be more quickly capture and respond to changes in the target to meet the needs of high-speed detection.

4. Sunlight resistance

DTS6007M photoelectric switch solution through the excellent algorithm and optical design, greatly enhance the ability to resist strong light, its sunlight resistance compared to other solutions of the same type to enhance more than 2 times, even in the 100KLux strong sunlight can also work stably and reliably.

In addition, the solution also features low cost, small size, high accuracy, and has significant advantages over similar solutions, providing efficient and reliable detection solutions for industrial automation.

In the future, PolarisIC will continue to develop the industrial sensor market, launching more new products, further expanding the application field, and providing more choices for users.